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"[.....We must ignore the idiotic and insulting idea currently circulating about restarting some kind of “2000 Algiers II” type lopsided relationship between “Eritrea” and Ethiopia, which is promoted by two former United States diplomats. Moreover, Ethiopia must never accept the decision of a corrupt Boundary Commission that is being endorsed by such former United States officials. It is even more infuriating to me when I hear some Ethiopian jurists and politicians talking about both the Algiers 2000 Agreement and the decision of the Boundary Commission as something sacrosanct and irreversible. Such perception shows lack of understanding how international law, politics, and power hegemony interface in order to safeguard our national vital interest. Mind you that the Arbitration Commission was established to render a pre-determined result by resurrecting long dead treaties by the 2000 Algiers Agreement. Here is a lesson how creative and talented lawyers and crafty politicians can even defy gravity to revive long dead instruments to life and achieve some impossibility through sheer sophistry and manipulation. So, do not tell me that corrupt Arbitration Commission cannot be disqualified and its decision dumped as garbage. ...]"

Prof. Tecola W. Hagos

Quoted from his article dated Feb 18, 2014


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